Beach Tents: The New Beach Essential

Beach vacations bring an instant image to our minds: azure blue waters, sandy swept shores, a sprinkle of palm trees, and people in beachwear. But once the ocean swim is over and you’re wrapped in your towel under the scorching sun, your moment of bliss can quickly turn into an annoyance.

Did you bring a wide-brimmed hat with you? Did you make sure to bring sunscreen? Any chance you have a beach umbrella with you - or better yet - a fully protecting beach shelter tent? Depending which brand you choose, beach tents can be a portable, easy to assemble, vacation-saving essential.

But benefits aside, are they really worth it? Read on more to find out why we think “hell yes”. 

The Best Choice For Sun Protection

Balancing sun exposure is a tricky act. Getting sunlight is important for a range of body functions - boosting your vitamin D levels which in turn cares for your muscles and bones. But too much sun can cause DNA damage to your skin - speeding up its aging and even increasing the risk of skin cancer.

So what’s the balancing secret? A combination of sunscreen, sunglasses, and staying in the shade is a popular solution - protecting you from harmful UV rays while keeping you cool. But from rainbow-colored umbrellas to fancy beach tents, which beach shade is the right one for you?

Speaking of beach umbrellas, they’re super easy to take around. But while they’re lightweight and perfectly portable, it doesn’t take much wind before they (annoyingly!) blow away - and also:  because it’s just the top of you that’s sheltered, your body still receives strong amounts of UV rays.

A neso style shade is another choice for sun protection - sacrificing a little on portability but giving you plenty of anchorage. Its wide canopy makes sure you get much more protection, but you’ll still have the front and back open - leaving you exposed to the elements.

For ultimate UV protection, beach tents easily take the win. They provide full coverage while giving you the option of staying inside while enjoying an open beach view. From extra large instant shades to ultra tents for a full coast view, our range of beach tents at Easthills Outdoors brings bliss to summer vacations.

Easy Setup

Visiting the beach is always relaxing, but getting there can be a pain at times. From making sure you’ve brought your picnic to finding the right directions, the last thing you want to stress about is heavy, bulky gear. Anything you bring to the beach should be practical for your family, compact for travel, and easy to set up.

Our Easthills Outdoor beach tent ticks all these boxes (and plenty more). Being super lightweight, easy to assemble, and ultra-compact, you can fit it into your car with ease and make sure you have sun protection for the whole family. Taking the stress out of setting up camp, our range of tents are beach camping essentials.

Provides Privacy

Another reason why a beach tent is so handy! Not only does it protect you from sun and wind, but it provides you with a safe, private place to nap, store your gear - and most importantly - change. From changing the kids into their swimsuits to putting on a dry pair of clothes, a beach tent will keep you covered at all times.

Beyond The Beach

Here’s another secret: beach tents don’t have to be limited to the beach! Because they’re so light and compact, they make a perfect item to take with you on different occasions. Our Instant Shader Enhanced Beach Tent in XL is perfect to get some rest on a hike, or take our Instant Shader Dark Shelter XL for an afternoon nap after your picnic trip. 

Turn to Easthills Outdoors Beach

Easthills Outdoors’ mission is to inspire everyone to follow their passion for outdoors, travel, and experiencing nature. With a variety of beach shelters in different colors and sizes, hammocks and coolers, you can be sure to be ready for any outdoor adventure. With easy to set up, protective outdoor gear, nothing can stand in your way anymore!


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