Instant Shader Dark Shelter XL Beach Tent

Dark Shelter Coating, UPF 50+ sun protection, block 90% of direct sunlight
Color :
Pacific Blue
Sky Blue

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Create a comfortable and private oasis for your family on the beach. This tent features UPF 50+ protection, a zippered front for privacy, improved ventilation to enjoy cool breezes and ditch stuffy humidity, plus a patent-pending opening mechanism that makes assembly super-easy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Jeffrey H
Super easy to put up and take down

Used the tent for 5 hours at the beach.
Totally loved it! I am not a huge sun person so it was wonderful to get inside out of the sun and relax.
Lots of room in it. The flaps let the breeze inside.
Super easy to put up and take down.
Carry case is similar to the camping chairs that fold up and come in a bag.
Would not want to go to the beach again without 1!

Michele Banton
Great beach tent

Great tent and even survived very strong winds on the beach - I was amazed. It says it’s XL to hold 4 people but with chairs and beach bags, cooler it held 2 chairs. But still overall a great beach tent.

Steven Perkins
XL Beach Tent

Order to deliver precision was excellent. First set up was on a windy day (28 mph gusts) in Florida. The stakes held strong and gave us all day shelter.

Not bad

Its pretty easy, but not as easy as it says/shows. If there wasn't any wind involved it would've been a 100 times easier to set up and break down haha. A good purchase nevertheless.


It is really easy to set up and take down. I am 5�?�?and even though it is a little tall for me, I was able to do it. Take down is even easier and getting it back into the bag is simple. I’m sure over time it will become even easier. This is really large (we have a big family). The normal tent smell is minimal which is also nice and I’m sure will dissipate as we utilize it more throughout the summer. Impressed!

In love!

Love this beach tent! It feels more like your own personal cabana on the beach! Very easy to travel and store in the trunk of your car. It fits appropriately 2 adults and maybe 1 or 2 children. Very easy to set up with no help. The ventilation is amazing. It keeps you cool on a hot sunny day. Very much worth the investment especially if you have a family.

Brenda Hawkins
Well made

We set the tent up on a windy day at the beach on Sanibel Island and it withstood the high winds that day.

Emilyn Salgado
Great quality

Easy to open take 10 sec but hard to closed.

Some great features but gets too hot inside

I use mine at the beach. There are elements to the tent that are great but overall could be a better design. Like if you want to roll up the screens, there are only two fasteners; one on each end. There should really be a fastener in the middle because when rolled up sags in the middle due to no support and constantly falls out of the fasteners. Another flaw is that the floor of your tent is also your front door. So if front is open it’s kind of your front porch. When it’s zipped, it’s seals tent shut. It is a solid piece of plastic, so no ventilation when zipped up. So if you zip front to keep sun out, sand out on windy day, or mosquitoes, there is no cross breeze. It gets really hot inside the tent when zipped. The design is such that there is not good ventilation through the top of the tent either. So on a hot day at beach, you end up baking inside your tent. If you are not using tent at beach or in hot weather, it will be great. The material is pretty cheap. It’s not a tent you should expect to have for years to come. If you get two seasons out of it, consider yourself lucky. It’s easy to carry because it comes in a nice bag. One great feature is the pockets at the base to put sand in to keep it weighed down. The open and close mechanism is pretty easy too. I would not order this again due to how hot it gets inside. They really should have a large vented ceiling designed just like the three side panels. Also should have a mesh on the front that you can zip closed which works independently of the floor.

Elizabeth Hiner
This really is and does what is says!

We bought this to take on our first beach vacation in many years. We set it up once before we left, just to make sure everything was there and the instructions were clear. It was, and they were.
When we got out on the beach it was a very windy day. There were lots of difference kinds of shelters, umbrellas and other kinds of covers. With the exception of the rental umbrellas, most of the other shelters were having all kinds of troubles in the wind. But this shelter worked like a champ! We used the supplied stakes in the corners, and we filled the sand pockets on the sides with sand. I am guessing the wind was a steady 10-15 mph, with gusts perhaps up to 25 or 30 mph. The shelter certainly swayed with the wind, but never even came close to feeling like it was going to collapse or fold in the wind. I couldn't help but feel a bit smug watching so many of the other people struggling with theirs.
And the sun protecting darker color on the inside worked better than I would have imagined. It was in the mid to upper 80's, and my wife was actually feeling a bit chilly inside the shelter.
Thank you Easthills for making a product that does what it says, and more. The hardest part of the whole experience is getting it back in the bag to pack it home!


UPF Rating 50+
Width 99" / 252 cm
Peak Height 57" / 122 cm
Windows 3 Mesh Windows
Pack Size 41" x 8.5" x 8.5"
Pack Weight 8 lbs / 3.6 kg
Guylines 4
Pegs 10
Front Closure Yes

Materials Used

Fabric Materials
185T Polyester, Dark Shelter Coating

Pole Materials
Fiberglass pole

Floor Fabric Materials
120 g PE


Fits 4 Adults


  • 1 x Tent Body
  • 10 x Stakes
  • 4 x Guy-lines
  • 1 x Stakes Pouch
  • 1 x Carry Bag

Best Used For

Recreational use, at the beach, local park, concert event.




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