Jungle Explorer Camping Hammock with Removable Bug Net

Double Version, Everything Included, Easy Suspension System
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easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock community photos
easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock community photos
easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock community photos
easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock community photos
easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock community photos
easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock community photos
easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock community photos

Best Hammock Around!

Fear the Bite? Worry about getting Wet or Hot? We Don’t.

Our hammocks have everything included, no need to look elsewhere!

Quickly and easily setup hammock, including removable bug net and optional rain fly tarp, in less than 3 minutes!

A comfortable hammock for the great outdoors. Happy camping!

  • Fantastic hammock, wonderful Christmas gift.
  • Choose Easthills Outdoors for your next adventure.
  • Set it up, lie down, relax and enjoy with your lover, friends and families.

Package List

  • 300 x 200 cm (118 x 79 inches) double hammock
  • 2 aluminum wiregate carabiners
  • 1 removable bug & mosquito net with 2 net ropes
  • 2 long 10 feet tree straps with 15+1 adjustable loops
  • Internal gear hang loops and storage pocket
  • 1 waterproof rainfly tarp with 4 guylines and 4 aluminum stakes
easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock Ripstop Hanging Points

Ripstop Hanging Points

Integrated SBS double-side zippers for easy adjustments and reinforced hanging points to prevent tearing.

easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock Internal Hanging Loops

Internal Hanging Loops

Completely symmetrical. Features 4 internal hanging loops to hold small personal belongings.

easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock No-See-Um Top Mesh

No-See-Um Top Mesh

Featuring 2500 holes per square inch, it keeps the annoying insects away while allowing air circulation.

easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock Waterproof Rainfly

Waterproof Rainfly

At only 24 oz, the 2000mm waterproof hammock rainfly provides complete coverage of a massive 9ft. 10in x 9ft. 10in area, resulting in a lightweight, large footprint shelter to protect against sudden downpours. Rainfly comes with included storage sac which slips easily into your backpack and double use as a sun shade.

easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock High Quality Suspension System

High Quality Suspension System

Featuring daisy-chained loop system, no-stretch heavy duty triple stitched seams, and aluminum carabiners, our hammock suspension system makes setting up the hammock easy and safe. No complicated knots to learn! (10 feet long x 1 inch wide per strap, tree friendly).

easthills outdoors jungle explorer hammock Heavy Duty Capacity

Heavy Duty Capacity

We use breathable, high tensile, 100% 210T Taffeta parachute with triple stitch edge seams to create a durable hammock that won’t harm your skin. This quality hammock supports a maximum capacity of 700 lb., yet weighs only 36 oz. Super-lightweight and ultra-solid.

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
SFC W David Stevenson

Stitching at the zipper for bug net defective. Greater than 10” slit exposes due to quality issue. Net is now useless, especially in Tennessee to escape the state bird; mosquito. Extremely disappointed with the “quality” and lack of response/support.

Robert Mitchell
Not kid proof

It seamed to work great the first couple times including an overnight sleep. However it did not withstand the 4 kids age rang 5 to 8 taking turns getting in an out of the hammock frequently caused the stich to pop on the zipper.

Tyler Burch
Amazing Quality!

I absolutely love this hammock setup! It is really easy to set up and super good quality. I use this hammock for camping all the time! One of the best features I find is that the bug net can zip off completely which makes this hammock perfect for relaxing as well. I find the rain fly very helpful too because it keeps the hammock completely dry from rain. I would definitely recommend buying this!

Very comfortable but no directions for first time user

This was amazingly comfortable for a big guy! I admit I should have bought an under quilt first cause I froze but I was happy otherwise... but...There are absolutely no instructions on how to set up the rain fly or mosquito net ridge line properly.

Stitching for bug screen broke on first use.

After setting up for the first time for about an hour I got out of the hammock. To get out my thighs had to put some weight on the edge of the hammock where the screen is sewed to the hammock. The weight caused the nylon to stretch but the stitching and seam of the bug screen did not. So the stitching ripped out of about 2 feet of the joint. By the time I heard anything wrong I stopped but it was too late. I was still not even of the hammock yet. If you were to set the hammock really low to make sure you could get all weight on your feet without your thighs stressing the seam maybe this could be avoided. But as it is my butt was pretty close to the ground.One other thing I had not considered and may be just the way all these hammock tents are. But the sides of the hammock go so far up with just one person that when you put your arms down the sides fold over leaving about a 1 foot gap 2 feet over your head to look out of. You can't see anything out of this. I envisioned being able to lay in the hammock and gaze at the view but there was no way to lay in the thing and see anything but a small slice of the sky. It also made it unusable on a muggy night as the nylon only leaves a little gap several feet above your body for the fly screen. You just lie trapped in warm air with the ventilation above you.

Mostly Amazing

This hammock is so comfy and so versatile. I finally got to use it over the weekend. There are a few issues I have with it, but those are easily remedied, and have been discussed in other reviews (so I was prepared to deal with them)

My campsite got tons of rain while I camped, and my hammock/rain tarp setup was the only hammock that stayed dry the whole weekend. With how far the rain tarp goes out, I was able to store my luggage, camping chair, and some of my friends items under it - keeping them all bone dry. Cannot recommend this enough.

Now onto the 'issues'. When I was buying the hammock, I saw in another review the issue of not having a guyline(?) under the top of the rain tarp. I remedied this by bringing some additional rope to run underneath and it worked perfect. My other issue is that there are only 4 tent pegs provided for 6 lines. I managed to borrow some, but that's definitely something to think about.

Otherwise, I love how compact and easy to set up this hammock is.

Definitely happy with my purchase!


Had no problems with hammock. Slept like a baby. Lol

what does "Double" mean to you?

Your browser does not support HTML5 video. ?was expecting wider ,but should be fine,, wouldnt attempt 2 people

Good Product

Seems to be a good quality product

Amazon Customer
Fits two just fine

Its great. Easy loop set up. Took me less than five minutes. Took it to the fremont-winema national park with my gf on my motorcycle, and did its job perfectly. Fits two perfectly (220 lbs+130 lbs.) Packs up small enough to stuff with my other camping gear in my saddle bag. Haven't tried out the rain tarp yet .


Dimensions 300 x 200cm (118 x 79 Inches)
Hammock Weight 36 oz
Maximum Capacity 600 lb
Rainfly Weight 24 oz
Rainfly Coverage 9ft. 10in x 9ft. 10in
Strap 10 feet long x 1 inch wide
Mesh 2500 holes per square inch

Materials Used

High-strength, breathable 210T Taffeta parachute with triple stitch edge seams.

Bug Net
No-See-Um mesh (2500 holes per square inch.)

2000 mm 190T waterproof polyester taffeta


The hammock supports maximum capacity of 600 lb. It can fit two adults


  • 1 x hammock body with bug net
  • 2 x long tree straps with 16 adjustable loops(750 lb. per straps/10 feet)
  • 2 x aluminum wire-gate carabiners
  • 2 x net ropes
  • 1 x waterproof rainfly
  • 4 x guy-lines
  • 4 x aluminum stakes

Best Used For

Camping, Backpacking




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